Why is x-ray bad for the fetus and good for cancer cells?

Have you ever been in a radiology or x-ray department before? If you already did, then you might be very familiar with this warning sign. Radiology or x-ray department is the place where you will undergo certain x-ray examinations either for physical examination or as requested by your physician. X-ray plays a main role in taking an image of a part of your body for diagnosis of illnesses.

X-ray is indeed hazardous for the fetus, most especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester is a very crucial stage wherein essential organs have begun to form in the embryo’s tiny body. In some cases, the technologist will ask the patient’s last menstrual period (LMP) just to check if she may be pregnant. X-ray is bad for the fetus, as well as the baby.

On the other hand, because of the advancement of x-ray technology, x-ray is not used solely for diagnostic purposes. For the past few decades, x-rays have been used to treat cancers. X-ray is good for people who have cancers because it helps shrink cancer cells, thereby killing it.
So we might ask why x-ray is bad for the fetus or newborn and good for cancer cells. What are their similarities?

The answer: They are both developing.

Both fetus and cancer cells are both developing, making them more sensitive to radiation, unlike adults, they are not that sensitive to radiation because their bodies have already reached full development. Generally, x-ray is not good for people of all ages, however, it can cause detrimental effects on fetus and newborns because they developed to become mature. X-ray, therefore, is more sensitive to developing and reproducing cells like cancer and fetus. Though, x-ray affects normal (not cancerous) and mature (adults) cells, the damage are not as destructive as the effects of cancer and immature cells. Well, we can say that x-ray might be bad for you, but in some ways, it can be a life saver. We’ll never know what x-ray has to offer in the centuries to come!

Photo: taken from OSHA Caution website http://cdn.compliancesigns.com/media/osha-safety/300/OSHA-MRI-X-Ray-Microwave-Sign-OCE-8186_300.gif

How to Top the Board Exam (A Guide to Academic Success)

Students got really nervous as the final examination is fast approaching. What more if it is a national licensure examination or commonly called as board exam. Passing the board exam is not a secret. Everyone knows the key to academic success, which is to study as hard as you can. Well, let me share my techniques on what I did to be included in the top 5. Let me just give you a background of my profession first, I’m a Registered Radiologic Technologist and I ranked 5th from the Radiologic Technology (RT) National Licensure Examination in November 2005. Currently, I am teaching RT professional subjects and as well as a coordinator for instruction from one of the top performing RT schools’ in the Philippines.
Here are some recommendations that I actually did and had worked for me. And I know this will work for you too:

1. Always aim to be top 1. I know it seems somehow impossible to reach. But the real rationale for this is that when you aim for top 1, you will study almost anything that might help you achieve your goals. And because you exerted your effort very well, if you will fail your plan to be top 1, then you can just land in top 5, top 10, or simply passed the examination. As for me, I failed to get to the top 1 and just landed on top 5. (I was quite disappointed about that.) Otherwise, if you just plan to simply pass, your study efforts might not be enough and you might likely fail from the said exam.

2. Time management. This word is becoming overused when it comes to obtaining an ultimate study plan. Remember, a study habit cannot be built overnight. It takes an effort, discipline and consistency to build it. Also, planning the subjects to study in advance help you organize the important topics to prioritize. Always study weeks before your exam, you may opt to take a review days or a night before your exam to have a more understanding on the subject matter. This will help you prevent from cramming.

3. Studying the entire bulk of materials a night or a day before the exam is a dead end. Unless you’re born genius, but if you’re just average, stay away from this technique, or you will just end up mentally-blocked on the examination day.

4. Do not let go of a certain topic if you don’t understand. Read your books or notes again and again or look for some reference to understand it. Try to ask questions and answer it after every topic.

5. Study in a silent and comfortable place.

6. Be organized. Gather your materials such as computer, ipad, pen, bookmarks, books, notes, etc. before you study. Getting those necessary things one at a time interrupts your study plan.

7. Stay away from social media. Put away your cellphone as much as you can.

8. If you’re on a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend, set it aside. Set your priorities straight. Choose. Remember, if you choose your studies, it won’t fail you.

9. Study as if you are going to take the board exam tomorrow. Do not wait for a board exam review to review your past lessons. You may review as often as you want. In my case, I started reviewing when I was in third year college.

10. One last thing, just do your best and God will do the rest. Have fun; treat yourself for a job well done. Connect with your friends and loved ones. After all, study is not everything, but all the people who care for you.

20 Simple Ways to Prevent Facial Wrinkles Naturally

Ever since I was a child, I really dread the thought of having wrinkles on my face. Over the years I have discovered many ways to prevent wrinkles. We all know that we will get old and have wrinkles eventually, but we might as well do some ways in order to delay the aging process. So these are my simple yet very effective ways to avoid facial wrinkles naturally.

1. Avoid sun exposure and if you cannot stay out of the sun, remember to put your sunscreen on.

2. Don’t smoke or stop smoking.We already know that nothing good comes from smoking.

3. Do facial routine once or twice weekly.

4. Exfoliate twice or thrice weekly. However, since I have an oily and dry face combination type of skin, I’m using the Ponds Facial scrub every day. I like to use it daily because the grains have a milder texture and my face feels softer afterwards and it doesn’t hurt my skin after washing.

5. Sleep on your back. Sleeping face-down gives you a furrowed brow while sleeping on your side may form wrinkles on cheeks and chin. But, sometimes it’s inevitable to sleep on our side, therefore, I use satin or silk pillow cases.

6. Take supplements like Multivitamins and take separate doses of natural Vitamin E 400 IU, Vitamin C at least 500 mg, Fish oil, Grape Seed Oil and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Do not take it all at once, though.

7. A lot of women uses ice cubes on their face to minimize pore size. But you may as well use try this: Put a green tea bag in a hot cup water, wait until it cools down and put it inside the ice cube holder. Put it in the freezer for a night and you may use it like the way you use your ice cubes before. Now, you can have a smaller facial pore size while maximizing the green tea’s antioxidant benefits.

8. Use Retin-A as your anti-aging night cream. I have been using it for years and it has given my face wonders. The younger you started using it (maybe 25 years old), the better the effect. However, you may have to use a higher SPF on your sunscreen as Retin-A will make your skin more sensitive to UV rays.

9. Use sunglasses when you are outdoors, sun rays will make you squint. Also, make sure that your glasses have UV protection. Moreover, if you have eye problems, make sure to wear eyeglasses to keep from further squinting.And since I cannot control from squinting when I’m asleep, I always put a bandage in between my brows. You may choose a bandage intended for sensitive skin.

10. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. It gives us nutrients and antioxidants that give our skin a healthier glow, inside and out. And as much as possible keep your body away from eating processed foods.

11. Avoid eating junk foods. Junk foods have tons of sodium and preservatives which are not only bad for the skin but also for our health.

12. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. And since I live in a tropical country, I drink lots of fresh coconut water. It’s both refreshing and good for your skin.

13. Avoid extreme facial expressions or movements, it will result in wrinkles over time. You may try to talk or laugh in front of the mirror just to check how much lines you produce while you talk, laugh or frown. I am not saying that you maintain a poker face, you just try to control excessive facial expression.

14. Since gravity is inevitable, I also use a facial slimming belt while sleeping to counteract gravity.

15. Maintain a healthy diet. If you are overweight, try to lose weight slowly as this may cause sagging. Also, avoid yoyo diet because this may cause too much stress on your skin which results in premature aging.

16. Get adequate sleep. Your skin will appear dry if you lack sleep.

17. Drink cocoa instead of coffee. Cocoa contains a high level of two dietary flavanols (epicatechin and catechin) which helps protect your skin from sun damage and it helps improve circulation on your skin.

18. Always have a positive outlook on life.

19. Smile and take the time to laugh. Smiling lowers stress and anxiety. Furthermore, it will also strengthen your immune system. Sometimes, during my break at work or during the weekend, I try to watch funny films or series just to release the stress that has accumulated over the week.

20. Meditate. Meditation keeps you young by decreasing the body’s production of stress hormones that may lead to tissue damage or wrinkles.

I hope that these suggestions will help you get a glowing and youthful skin. Let me tell you that these will not give an instant result, I started these when I was younger (maybe 20 years old). Because they say that aging is irreversible, prevention is the key to not have them. And now at the age of 35, I’m happy to say that my face doesn’t show any signs of premature lines yet. But if you have wrinkles already, it’s not too late to do this healthy habits or you may choose medical procedures, that is if you can afford it or if you are not afraid of needles.

My Redox Fat Experience

Currently, I weigh 110 lb, and I can say that my weight is still within the average weight based on my height. I will be turning 35 next month, and my goal is that I want to lose 10 pounds so I won’t look chubby. I also realized that because of my age, it’s really hard to lose weight. And because of that, I have spent two months trying to lose weight (diet & exercise), but no matter what I do, I still end up having 110 lb on my bathroom scale.

And then suddenly, an idea popped my head. Why not take diet supplements along with exercise and diet? And then I came across this pill called RedoxFat by ATC. I’m quite relieved that Redoxfat is an ATC product because I am also taking their Grape Seed Oil, Fish Oil, and Vitamin E. The good thing about their product is that they are both natural and cheap. Then, I read a lot of great reviews about Redox-Fat, they claimed that they lose weight in just a month without changing their diet and without the aid of exercise. They took 1-2 capsules of RedoxFat daily after a meal.

So, I tried taking it for two months, taking it twice a day after a full meal. I also changed my diet by eating fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread and cereal with an occasional workout. But, what I’m noticing was, as soon as I started taking the pill, my appetite also increased. I observed that I always craved for food which me ending up eating a lot and then taking the pill afterward just to ease the guilt of eating too much. And because of that, my weight is still the same after two months.

My appetite was back to normal as soon as I stopped taking the pill. Therefore, I can say that RedoxFat is not for me. Though there are good reviews from the said pill, it’s just unfortunate that it didn’t work for me.

Conclusion: RedoxFat did not work for me. But there’s no harm in trying, you can try taking the pill just to check if it can give you a favorable result. After all, what did not work for me, may work for you, right?