My Redox Fat Experience

Currently, I weigh 110 lb, and I can say that my weight is still within the average weight based on my height. I will be turning 35 next month, and my goal is that I want to lose 10 pounds so I won’t look chubby. I also realized that because of my age, it’s really hard to lose weight. And because of that, I have spent two months trying to lose weight (diet & exercise), but no matter what I do, I still end up having 110 lb on my bathroom scale.

And then suddenly, an idea popped my head. Why not take diet supplements along with exercise and diet? And then I came across this pill called RedoxFat by ATC. I’m quite relieved that Redoxfat is an ATC product because I am also taking their Grape Seed Oil, Fish Oil, and Vitamin E. The good thing about their product is that they are both natural and cheap. Then, I read a lot of great reviews about Redox-Fat, they claimed that they lose weight in just a month without changing their diet and without the aid of exercise. They took 1-2 capsules of RedoxFat daily after a meal.

So, I tried taking it for two months, taking it twice a day after a full meal. I also changed my diet by eating fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread and cereal with an occasional workout. But, what I’m noticing was, as soon as I started taking the pill, my appetite also increased. I observed that I always craved for food which me ending up eating a lot and then taking the pill afterward just to ease the guilt of eating too much. And because of that, my weight is still the same after two months.

My appetite was back to normal as soon as I stopped taking the pill. Therefore, I can say that RedoxFat is not for me. Though there are good reviews from the said pill, it’s just unfortunate that it didn’t work for me.

Conclusion: RedoxFat did not work for me. But there’s no harm in trying, you can try taking the pill just to check if it can give you a favorable result. After all, what did not work for me, may work for you, right?


Author: dannaspace

I am a Radiologic Technologist by profession. Currently, I am teaching Radiologic Technology (RT) professional subjects and doing academic researches. I love to read and write about radiation, radiography, health and wellness, anti aging, travel and making product reviews. I also love to attend trainings and seminars in our field because it gives me a chance to travel and share it to the world.

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